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Audio Pitch Tracer - Music Transcription

The audio pitch tracer can be used to transcribe ordinary solo instrumental / vocal music as well - works best if the recording is clean - and is at its best for some particular instruments e.g. flute, recorder etc.

One of its specialities is the option to quantise the pitches found to any desired scale.

So for instance you could get it to transcribe your playing to the nearest pitch in any equal temperament (31 equal or whatever) or to a just intonation scale, or a particular gamelan tuning, or whatever.

Another feature of interest is the option to extract a scale from a tune, to within any desired resolution.

(more to come here)


What to do next

To continue reading about the Audio Pitch Tracer method, go on to the Links page

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To find this feature:
look in the
Tune Smithy Tasks window for:

Audio pitch tracer

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