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Play & Create Tunes as intricate as snowflakes - Fractal Tunes

Midi clips and mp3s using the Roland Sound Canvas - Tunes recorded using the FM7 or Giga - more mp3s

Midi clips and mp3s using the Roland Sound Canvas

These mp3s are played using the Roland Sound Canvas, which has sounds perhaps similar to the type of wave table soundcard you get on many computers nowadays.

Choose parts by other
Chord Progressions
Fibonacci Rhythm
Fibonacci Tone Scapes
Multiple seeds
Other tunes
Sloth canons
transforming seed
Six eight and other rhythms

When you first run it, Tune Smithy will probably play the tunes using the built in midi instruments on your soundcard. You can add extra soft synths or extra hardware devices to get more instrument sounds.

Tunes recorded using the FM7 or Giga

These tunes were recorded using the FM7 synth or the Giga sampler.

Tune Smithy also comes with one or two sounds of its own, in its Wave Shape Player

More mp3s

There are many more mp3s of the fractal tunes at: - Fractal Tune Smithy

Here are a couple of mp3s as separate tunes:


For those with a fast broadband connection, here is the waveform audio (uncompressed, and with this particular clip it is far better quality):

microtonal_sea_scape_piano_romance [16 MB]

It is played on the Giga mega piano.

Here is another example with many download options:

Scence friction

Scence friction - Play (broadband, MP3), Play (Modem, MP3) , Play (modem, WMA)
Download (128 bit) , Download (48 bit) , Download (WMA 32 bit)

It's played on the Science Friction voice of the FM7 soft synth, using Midi Tuning Standard sysexes to retune it.


What to do next

Freeware / Shareware status: This feature is shareware.

To continue reading about the fractal tunes, go on to the Links with links relevant to the fractal tunes or to composers using them.

You are recommended to try out the program first. If you decide to purchase, you need to buy the Play level. If you want to use a music keyboard with FTS as well, or use it to retune your notaiton software or sequencer, you need the Complete level.

To download the program and take it for a Test drive (start the test drive at any time):

Download Tune Smithy





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