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Star sphere animations

Made with Virtual Flower

Calligraphic sheet flowers
3D picture - needs a VRML viewer or plug in such as Cortona to view it

Checkerboard star sphere

Cherry blossom stars


Cubicubocotahedron star sphere

Eleven fold symmetry anti prism star sphere

Eleven fold symmetry tracery drum

Elevenfold symmetry tracery bell

Great icosahedron

Great dodecahemiicosahedron star sphere

Great dodekic icosidodecahedron star sphere

Great snub icosdisdodecahedron star sphere

Hearth light

Icositruncated dodecadodecahedron star sphere

Light on a foggy day

Star fish tracery

Stellated truncated cube star sphere

Swirly sphere

Tri star sphere

Triangulated triacontrahedron star sphere

Truncated cuboctahedron star sphere

Truncated great dodecahedron star sphere

Truncted icosidodecahedron star sphere

Vertisnub dodecadodecahedron star sphere