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Download Your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D
Extra skins
What is Lissajous 3D?


Download Your Free Test Drive of Virtual Flower
What is Virtual Flower?
Star Spheres
Geometrical Shapes
Musical Geometries
Musical e-cards
Flash and jpeg animations for web pages etc
Stereoscopic views - and Coloured 3D Anaglyphs
Explore four and higher dimensional geometry
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Virtual Flower Donations

This is for donations only, NOT FOR PURCHASES. To use the free features or evaluate Virtual Flower go to the Download page. To purchase Virtual Flower go to the Purchase page.

The prices are low, and many features are free, so that my programs are accessible to as many people as possible.

If you want to give a special donation to show your appreciation of the program, then that's great. Thanks for your support :-)

In US dollars:

Or in GB pounds:

To get the program, download and install Virtual Flower.

Download Virtual Flower

Virtual Flower - create animated virtual flowers - virtual geranium and sunflower with wispy white clouds in deep blue sky with a wild goose flying over - box shotVirtual Flower - create star sphere animations - cube star and another star sphere with white clouds in blue sky - box shot



Requirements for Virtual Flower
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You have a
Money Back Guarantee
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Shapes you can make with Virtual Flower

Virtual Flowers and Trees
Virtual flower scenes (VRML)
Star Spheres
Geometrical Shapes
Anaglyph Garden
Higher Dimensional Shapes

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Create virtual flowers, Lissajous curves, and geometrical patterns in 3D - 3D Art
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