Virtual Flower Scenes

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Asteroid with rose Study

Autumnal oak

Beech avenue

Catch a falling star

Chrysanthemum oak Study

Chrysanthemums Study

Cube star Study

Daisy red tipped

Exotic desert flowers

Field of daffodils

Fuzzy sphere Study


Honeycomb sphere

Jewel trees

Multi colour rosette Study

On migration

Pink roses Study

Poly fragments Study

Rainbow tree Study

Red and blue ash leaf arrangement Study

Red gold flower sphere Study

Reed bed animated

Rice plantation

Scottish bluebell

Scottish bluebells

Sphere tree

Stars whirl Study

Stars whirl 2 Study

Sunflower Study


Tesseract tree

Tetrahedral growing flower Study

Trailing buttercup Study

Tropical Island

Yellow flower Study

Yellow tulip tree

Hexany (musical geometry)