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Virtual Flower Gallery / Screen saver

Asteroid with rose

This first 3D scene is baed on the idea of the Rose on the Little Prince's planet
(doesn't include the volcanoes).
All the scenes are made with Virtual Flower

Click on any image on this page to see it in 3D. Use the back button on your browser to get back here..

You may need to install a VRML plug in to see these images - the Cortona VRML client is excellent. Just follow that link and follow the instructions on the page - the web page auto detects your operating system and browser to install a suitable version. It is also worth installing the VRML 1.0 Converter for Cortona while you are at it, to help with any version 1.0 VRML web pages you may visit later on - however these scenes are all version 2.0.

Here are some more scenes, click on each image to see it in 3D:

Rowan treeRainbow tree

ConvocationJewel trees

SunflowersAutu,mnal oak

Reed bed animated


Download Virtual Flower to make your own flowers.

See also the Screen Saver at the end of this page to show all the scenes in one go - you get the screen saver with the installer as well.

How about a stroll through the Anaglyph Garden too while you are here, also made with Virtual Flower - you'll need those red / blue or red / cyan specs to look at those.

and here are a few more:

Ones over 70 Kb in size have the file sizes shown

Bell flower

Blue flowers sphere (454 KB)

Catch a falling star (102 KB)

Chrysanthemum oak


Cube star

Daisy red tipped

Dancing flowers sphere (131 KB)


Dodeca2 (128 KB)

Exotic desert flowers

Field of daffodils

Fuzzy sphere (72 KB)


Honeycomb sphere (362 KB)

Light theatre (413 KB)

Multi colour rosette (107 KB)


On migration (127 KB)

Pink roses

Poly fragments

Red and blue ash leaf arrangement

Red gold flower sphere (131 KB)

Rice plantation

Scottish bluebell

Scottish bluebells

Sphere tree (158 KB)

Starry sky with Galaxy flowers

Starry sphere (135 KB)

Stars whirl

Stars whirl 2


Tetrahedral growing flower

Trailing buttercup

Virtual flower

Yellow flower

Yellow tulip tree (116 KB)





Screen Saver

You can install any of these scenes as a screen saver with the excellent Cortona screen saver, again from Parallelographics.

Here's a scene prepared that will show them all one after another at random, accompanied by randomly chosen Fractal Tune Smithy midi clips for the music: random_virtual_flower.wrl. By installing that one as the only scene for the screen saver, you get them all!

If you install Virtual Flower, you get the screen saver files too, and the installer isn't that much larger than the screen saver files zip (1.2 Mb) - the installer is small because Virtual Flower re-makes all the VRML files from its much smaller .vfl files when it first runs..

If you are using another operating system however, you can get the screen saver files zip here: (755 Kb)