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[[FAQ - Trouble Shooting]]
[[FAQ - Trouble Shooting]]
[[Beginner's Tutorial]]
==Not answered yet?==
==Not answered yet?==

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Feel free to add more questions and answers.

This is the old FAQ. It is currently being updated to match the new program. It may also be reorganised in the near future.

FAQ - General

FAQ - Music Making

FAQ - Composition Retuning

FAQ - Soft synths - questions about particular soft synths - How do I use FTS with Giga, GPO, FM7, ZynAddSubFX, ...

FAQ - Fractal Tunes

FAQ - Scale Construction

FAQ - Trouble Shooting

Beginner's Tutorial

Not answered yet?

For immediate help contact

You can also add your question and answer here.

Or add unanswered questions to: Questions for FAQ

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