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Feel free to add more questions and answers. If you have a question which isn't answered here - for immediate help contact - and you can also add it to the Questions Pending page.

All as one page - originals mid edit, probably will be removed eventually

FAQ - General

FAQ - Music Making

FAQ - Fractal Tunes

FAQ - Scale Construction

FAQ - Trouble Shooting

Right now, I'm going through these pages getting them up to date. Once they are up to date and the details are sorted out about how to link to the tool tip help and details of styling, then will be open for anyone to use this as source material and help splitting it into the separate pages, clarify, fix broken urls and typos, add screen shots, add new material etc.

I'm probably the best person to do the updating of the old help but you are welcome to join in if you notice anything that is obvious and easy to fix in them. WikiSysop 10:32, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

Questions Pending

Split into separate pages


FAQ:Music Making

FAQ:Fractal Tunes

FAQ:Scale Construction

FAQ:Trouble Shooting

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