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Fractal Composer and Player

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How to find this task

The player is the task selected for your desktop shortcut when you first install Tune Smithy (unless you use one of the Lambdoma installers)

So - just start up Tune Smithy from the desktop - or look in your Tasks Folder for task_fractal_composer.png or task_player.png

You can use the Player for your first steps - but later you will probably want to change to the Fractal Composer. You can change between these tasks for the desktop shortcut using the Tasks drop menu in FTS.


Tutorials:How to make a fractal tune

Introduction to the task

These are auto converted from the pages on the download site - need to be expanded, merged with the old help, and updated to give details suitable for the help:

Fractal Tunes - First Steps

Endless Canons

Seeds and fractals

Fractal Tune Features

Fractal Tune Chords

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