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How to record to Wav and Mp4 in Vista or Windows 7

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Many modern computers with Vista or Windows 7 can't play and record to audio at the same time. This means that the Record button in FTS won't work on those computers.

However there are various ways to fix this. Some of these can work on any Windows 7 or Vista machine.

See also Tutorials: How to convert Midi to Wav


How to enable in the Control Panel

This works with some Vista or Windows 7 computers but not all of them.

You go to Sounds in control panel, go to recording tab, right click and select "Show disabled devices" (as they are hidden usually) and then enable them.

How to record to video and audio at the same time with BB FlashBack Express Player - free

This is an excellent program, which is free, with an option to upgrade for extra features:

BB FlasBack Express Player

This records the video as well as the audio. If that's what you need to do you need look no further.

But for audio only then need something else.

For reference, another way to record audio and video at once is with FRAPS


Other programs to record directly to audio in Vista and Windows 7

A completely free and simple method but I couldn't get it to work here

PCWin Speaker Record for Windows and Vista

Looks like it should do the job. But, unfortunately all it did here when I pressed Record is pop up a bug report message

Another free method but not recommended

FREECORDER - works within browser, free, BUT USE WITH SOME CARE. It suggests several extras during install so don't just click yes to everything. Yu need to answer "no" to if you don't want them. I also found that it changed the home page of my browser and made some other changes e.g. changed default search. And adds a big tool bar to the browser which takes up a lot of space - though you can hide it.

Anyway none of that any problem for anyone who is reasonably techy but don't like to recommend it to someone who isn't particularly so as you may decide you want your browser web back the way it was and not sure how to do it.

Virtual Audio Cable

This is a bit techy, but may be of interest to some:

Virtual Audio Cable

Low cost shareware


This works fine in the demo though only records 100 seconds per track, $29.95 to unlock. Basically you start up the program and start recording and it will then record anything played on your computer.

Various methods that work in your browser

I found various tool bars which you can install into your browser. They worked, however I hesitate to recommend them.

There may well be better programs of this sort which I haven't tried yet.


Best in terms of doing what it should was perhaps Freecorder - but it changed my home page in two web browsers, and default search provider for the search box, and wasn't clear that it was going to do that in the install. Also popped up several other optional extras during the install which I had to answer No to. And the tool bar takes up extra space in your browser.

Might well have recommended it if it didn't do those things. But though not that hard for a techy person to reverse, those changes could be quite a confusing experience for someone less techy.

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