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How to use fractal tunes in conventional compositions

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Do you want to use material from your fractal tune in other compositions, or use it as a basis for a new composition?

If you want to change the tune on a note for note basis, you need to export the tune from FTS. Save it in Midi format, and then use the material as you please in a conventional sequencer.

How to export tunes with special tunings for use in other compositions

Many of the tunes use special tunings. So though the exported tune should sound exactly as expected, this can make the midi export confusing to read because FTS has to spread the notes out across the midi channels. For instance the first note may get played on channel 1, second note on channel 2 or whatever. This is done to optimise the pitch bends and reduce pitch artefacts - also sometimes needed for polyphony.

You can disable this if you use Out | Set Channels for Each Part | Chann = Part. WARNING- this will only work with some of the tunes and is usually not optimal. You may want to do this temporarily only, in order to export the tune to midi.

If your tune can be played in twelve equal, another approach is to change the tuning to twelve equal before you export it. Then, export the midi clip - then edit the result and retune the final result back to the desired tuning when you are finished with it.

Other ways to include elements from fractal tunes in other compositions

You can record to waveform audio and mix the sounds - i.e. do the mixing at a later stage.

You may like to record fragments of the tune. You may like to play the tune for a while, record a part which you particularly like, then use it in your own compositions - maybe add a vocal part and other parts to it. If you do this, the Go To Tune Time Bookmark (Ctrl + 165) window may be useful as a quick way to fast forward the tune silently to the part that caught your attention.

Another approach is to use the fractal tunes as inspiration. This can be a useful method of melodic invention. Enter a phrase as the seed, then the way it is transformed may suggest new ideas - maybe it could free up blocks to creativity too :-).

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