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If you want to help add new content - it is at an early stage yet. It's not yet at the stage where you can just dive in and work on the help, and add any content anywhere as the old help has to be ported first, and various things sorted out.

Please see How can I help? for things you can help with right away.


This complements the help for Tune Smithy

The FAQ section is nearly up to date and is already better than the FAQ included with the program.

The Tutorials section is under development. The Main Tasks section has just begun.

If you want to

How can I help

You are very welcome to join to help build the content and help other users of the software.

You can also add pages about your own projects (e.g. CDs or whatever) using Tune Smithy. You can also add pages about yourself - to do that, you need to log in, then edit your user page.

For a quick start, see Help.

To experiment with editing use the Sandbox

For examples see Sandbox - Examples



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