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The help here is for Tune Smithy. If you want the Bounce MetronomeBounce Metronome Pro wiki see Bounce Metronome Pro wiki

This help is incomplete at present but will eventually replace the help that comes with the program.

The FAQ section is nearly up to date and is already better than the FAQ included with the program.

The other sections - Tutorials and Main Tasks section have just begun. They have some useful material so you may like to browse through to see what is on offer already. Check back again in a few weeks to see how they develop.

How can I help

You are very welcome to join to help build the content and help other users of the software. Please send an e-mail to and I WILL CREATE AN ACCOUNT FOR YOU.

You can't create your own account here any more, sorry! Unfortunately, I had to disable that option as a spam prevention measure.

Once you do belong to the wiki - one easy way to get started is with proof reading. If you notice any typos, broken urls, and obvious errors, do fix them right away. You can also help with tutorials or FAQs if you have learnt to do things with FTS and want to share your experience with other users.

Please see How can I help? for details of other things you can do to help right now.

If you have any questions at all about the best way you can help, just contact me,

To Do List


I plan to update Tune Smithy to version 4.x at sone point - but is a large task which will require several months of work. At present I am very occupied with work on Bounce Metronome (mostly) and some other projects including the Tune Smithy Lambdoma for music therapy. A fair amount of the work for Bounce though, I hope will be of benefit for Tune Smithy 4.x eventually.


Adding pages about yourself and your projects

You may want to add a page here about yourself - to do that, you need to log in, then edit your user page (click on your user name at the top of any page to get to your user page). If you sign discussions on the discussion pages for any of the articles, your signature takes the reader to your user page.

You can also add pages about your own projects (e.g. CDs or whatever) using Tune Smithy. Add them to the Member projects page. By adding material here you give permission for it to be included with the help for Tune Smithy users, e.g. on CD or DVD or maybe a large download installer. If you don't want to do that, just link to an external web page which the user can visit to buy the CD, download the music etc, or include some clips etc. Later I may do a separate wiki for user projects if there is enough interest.

Quick start for editing

For a quick start to editing, see Help, and especially, Editing_pages

To experiment with editing use the Sandbox

For examples see Sandbox - Examples

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