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Here you can add pages about your own work with Tune Smithy. E.g. details of any CDs, or upload MP3s to share with others and so on, or describe any interesting ideas you are using FTS to explore, interesting scales, tunings and so forth.

By uploading music and other materials to this wiki you give permission for it to be included in help for Tune Smithy users - e.g. on CD or DVD or in a large installer. If you don't wish it to be used in this way, include only extracts which you are happy to allow to be used in this way - or link to an external web site which they can visit to download your music, or buy your CDs etc.

Techy issue for files larger than 2 MB

Right now there's a limit of 2MB on the size of an mp3 you can upload, for some reason. This is a techy issue something to do with how the script is working, which I hope to resolve. There is no site limitation on file size at all. Meanwhile if you have any files larger than 2MB you wish to add, contact me and I can upload them for you via ftp.

There is loads of space on this server, and plenty of bandwidth, so feel free to contribute as much as you like by way of audio clips for this section.

Member Projects

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