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Tutorials: How to convert Midi to Wav

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WORK IN PROGRESS - will add more and step through with images etc.


This is particularly useful if you have Vista or Windows 7 since many modern computers are unable to record to WAV at the same time as they play. So FTS can't record directly to .WAV currently (I may be able to add this later on). But see also How to record to Wav and Mp4 in Vista or Windows 7 How to record to Wav in Vista or Windows 7

The midi to wav also has the advantage that it is unaffected by any glitches in your computer, as the conversion can take as long as you like to do.

Do it using WinAmp Uses the DirectSound synth, same sounds as the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth.

How to do it with Audacity

Roland GS Easy to use, restricted to it's own sound set.

SynthFont - You can load any soundfont into the program and use it to convert the midi to wav.

Some other ways to do it Includes Timidity which works similarly to SynthFont.

Online free ad sponsored midi to wav converter Does work, and dead easy to do. The ads are rather intrusive though.

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