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Tutorials: How to convert Midi to Wav

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WORK IN PROGRESS - will add more and step through with images etc.



This is particularly useful if you have Vista or Windows 7 since many modern computers are unable to record to WAV at the same time as they play. So FTS can't record directly to .WAV currently (I may be able to add this later on).

How to record to Vista or Windows 7 if that is the motivation

See How to record to Wav and Mp4 in Vista or Windows 7

Also for the Wave Shape Player Instruments (Ctrl + 196) see Tutorials:How to echo to WAV in the Wave Shape Player

Also, some ways of recording in Vista or Windows 7 record the digital data on its way to the soundcard in which case the resulting recording is digitally exact and clean.

Advantages of Midi 2 Wav

The midi to wav also has the advantage that it is unaffected by any glitches in your computer, such as excessive demands on the CPU, as the conversion can take as long as it needs to.

Also adds no background hiss or noise to the clip at all, but that's less of an issue as even low end modern soundcards are pretty near to silent these days. Also digitally exact - if you record through your soundcard then the digital gets converted to an audio and then back to digital - but if you use the methods of recording of the sound on its way to the soundcard via extra driver, that's digitally exact as well.

WinAmp method

Do it using WinAmp Uses the DirectSound synth, same sounds as the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth.



Audacity method

How to do it with Audacity



Roland GS

Roland GS Easy to use, restricted to it's own sound set. Low cost, not free, adds the Roland GS to your Out menu - which also gives you some extra instruments as it is a GS set. Not sure if it works with Vista / Windows 7 though.

Low cost, easy to use, adds GS midi instruments to your computer

How to do Midi to WAV in ITunes

You can get ITunes here if you don't have it yet:


Then in ITunes go to the Edit menu and click on "Preferences". Select the "General tab". Go down and click on "Import Settings". Then on "Import Using", choose "WAV Encoder". Then save your your settings by clicking "OK".

Now you need to show the midi files in ITunes. You can drag and drop them into iTunes - or an easier method if they are all in one folder is to go to File in iTunes and select Add Folder to Library. For individual files you can also use File | Add to Library.

Then again in iTunes, right click on the file you want to convert to WAV and select Create WAV version.

The WAV file is created using the instruments for the QuickTime midi engine which is reasonable quality.

You can find your output file if you scroll down to Recently Added in the Playlists list. You can then drag and drop to get it back to the same folder as the original .avi for the merge.

Free solution. Uses the Quicktime instruments, which are reasonable quality but can't use anything else


SynthFont - You can load any soundfont into the program and use it to convert the midi to wav.

Free Solution. Can use any soundfont, and also gig files so can be excellent quality

Export to audio from your DAW, Ableton, Sonar, Kontakt etc.=

Most DAWs and similar programs nowadas offer export of midi to wav.

However if you don't have the program, the cost may be higher than you expect, and there may be an initial learning curve. May not be the best method if you don't need a DAW (Digital Audio Work station) and just want to convert some midi files to .WAV.


If you have one of these programs already then this is a good solution

Export from the Garritan Personal Orchestra Aria Player

Great sound set. So should work well - especially if you want natural sounding instruments.

Aria player for GPO supports export to WAV NEED TO TEST THIS

=Should be high quality sounds. Have to pay for the sounds but worth the cost

Some other ways to do it

Some other ways to do it Includes Timidity which works similarly to SynthFont. ugh.

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