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Tutorials: How to convert Midi to Wav

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WORK IN PROGRESS - will update maybe with step throughs, screen shots and video tutorials of the best methods.

If you have a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or similar already, there is a good chance it can do it already - if so that is your natural first thing to try.


Benefits of Midi to Wav

Alternative method - digitally exact recordings in Vista or Windows 7

Some software is able to record the digital data on its way to the soundcard in which case the resulting recording is digitally exact and clean just like a normal Midi to Wav conversion (so long as your computer is fast enough to play the music in real time).

This method works even if your computer is normally unable to record "What u hear" as it uses a different method to get the recording.

See How to record to Wav and Mp4 in Vista or Windows 7

Alternative method for the Wave Shape Instruments of FTS

For the Wave Shape Player Instruments (Ctrl + 196), FTS has a special feature to let you record the digital audio before it sends it to your computer - see Tutorials:How to echo to WAV in the Wave Shape Player

ITunes Method

This is an easy way to do it and free.

You can get ITunes here if you don't have it yet:


Note - when iTunes starts up you get a message: "iTunes has detected that it is not the default player for audio files. Would you like to go to the Default Programs control panel to fix this?" with a check box "Do not show this message again".


If you want to keep your current player for media files, you need to answer No to that message every time it starts up.

Also, don't use the check box.

If you select "Do not show this message again", then it treats your answer as a "Yes" even if you press the "No" button. I got caught out by this. It does it without any feedback to show what it has just done, does it silently. You only realise what happened next time you play a media file and find it opens in iTunes. That's rather unintuitive, when you press "No" you expect the program to understand that you don't want it as your media player - but it's what it does, the check box overrides your choice and makes it into a Yes.

As you see in the video, this is what you do:

Apart from the minor annoyance that you have to keep answering No to a message every time iTunes starts up, this works well as a solution and is easy to use.

Free solution. Uses the Quicktime instruments, which are reasonable quality. But can't handle any other sound sets

Online free conversion tool - Ad supported

Online free tool to convert midi files to mp3 or wav Works fine. Has range of sound sets. But ad sponsored and the ads are rather intrusive popups of the form You have won a big prize... or the like, which you have to dismiss to use the tool. But they are easy to dismiss (as of writing this) and the tool does work and is very easy to use.

Very easy to use. Free, works, several sound sets. However, can't switch off the intrusive popup Ads

Roland GS

Roland GS Easy to use, restricted to it's own sound set. Low cost, not free.

Adds the Roland GS to your Out menu - which also gives you some extra instruments as it is a GS set (it's the Roland Virtual Sound Canvas set in Change or Edit Voice Menu (Ctrl + 157)).

Great solution for XP, as a quick way to make an audio clip from a midi file. I've often used it there. I'm not sure if it works with Vista / Windows 7 though. I tried installing it here and it didn't work, though will try again and see if I can find out why it didn't install.

Low cost, easy to use. Sounds are of reasonable quality. Also adds many extra instruments for your Instruments menu. May not work in Vista or Windows 7


SynthFont - You can load any soundfont into the program and use it to convert the midi to wav.

I found the program a little confusing to start with so it will probably help to do a demo video or step through to show you how to do it.

Free Solution. Can use any soundfont, and also gig files so can be excellent quality. But a bit difficult for a newbie

Export to audio from your DAW such as Ableton, Sonar, Kontakt etc.

Most DAWs and similar programs nowadays offer export of midi to wav. FL Studio is worth mentioning as it lets you do midi to wav in the free version of the program.

Most of them have a rather steep learning curve, so expect to take some time getting to know the software before you can use it to its full potential. They aren't so easy to use as the other solutions if you come to the software as a complete newbie, and all you want to do is to convert midi to wav. But if you have one of these already then it's probably the easiest way for you to do it.

If you have one of these programs already then this is a good solution

Cantabile Lite / Cantabile Solo

If you want to record VSTi then Cantabile Lite is a good free solution, you can use Voxengo Recorder to record the audio. Cantabile Solo is a good low cost solution for direct conversion of Midi to Wav.

Cantabile Solo comes with a 30 day fully featured trial. To convert a midi file to audio in Solo first go to Media files section and load your midi file. Then go to the file menu (icon at top left of the program) and choose Import or Export and then Offline Render.

You can download them here Cantabile downloads area

Good alternative to the more complicated DAWs for recording VSTi

VSTi plugins for your DAW, or Cantabile Lite / Solo or SynthFont

There are many VSTi for melodic instruments, including WusikStation, Crystal, DSK OranZe, ... huge list of plugins at KVR

A good free VSTi for percussion is DrumCore Free.

Export from the Garritan Personal Orchestra Aria Player

Aria player for GPO supports export to WAV

Something to try if you have any of the Garritan instruments. Comes bundled with Sibelius so you may have it already. Can only use it with the Garritan sounds

WinAmp method

This uses the DirectSound synth, same sounds as the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth.

I'm following the tutorial here Win Amp MIDI to WAV again

I assume you haven't got WinAmp installed so will walk through the installation first


Download WinAmp from WinAmp Download Page. The free Standard version is fine for this. If the installer asks you if you want to install DivX as well. You can if you like, but there is no need to install it for this feature.


After it installs the Wizard pops up.


On the second page (after you click Next), it is okay to unselect everything in the File Associations. You don't need anything there for this conversion to .WAV. That's the best thing to do unless you have already decided you want WinAmp to replace MediaPlayer or whatever you have as your default player for media.

You can always run the installer again and select everything on that page if you decide you want WinAmp as your default media player later on.


Choose the Microsoft Synthesizer (with output

Anyway once you have WinAmp running, the next thing is to type Ctrl + P to bring up the preferences window. Go to Plugins >> Input. WinAmpPreferencesIn.png

Double click on the Nullsoft MIDI Player.

Then under the Device tab, go to the Device: drop list, and select DirectMusic / Microsoft Synthesizer (with output).


Make sure you select the version "{with output)" there, or THIS WON'T WORK.

Then select OK.

Now you can go to File >> Play File... in WinAmp and select the file you want to play, to hear what it sounds like.

= Set Output to Disk Writer

To render it to Wav you now need to make another change in the Preferences page.

Under Plug-ins >> Output select Nullsoft Disk Writer vx.xx [out_disk.dll], double click on it to configure to select the desired output folder. WinAmpPreferencesOut.png

Now when you play a midi file in WinAmp, then there will be no sound, but the audio gets written to the desired output folder.

Whenever you play a midi file in WinAmp from now on, you won't hear anything, but it will convert it to .wav in the desired output folder.

How to get back to Direct Sound Output

When you want to go back to normal playing in WinAmp go to Ctrl + P for preferences again, go to Plug-ins >> Output, and select Nullsoft DirectSound Output. WinAmpPreferencesOutDirectSound.png


This is a free open source solution

Audacity method

How to do it with Audacity



Some other ways to do it

Some other ways to do it Includes Timidity which works similarly to SynthFont. ugh.

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