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Tutorials: How to install Tune Smithy and Loopbe1 for Composition Retuning

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Video Demo

See also: Tutorials: How to Retune a Score with Tune Smithy - Tutorial for Sibelius - Retuned to 7 Equal

What you have to do

The main steps are

If you have already created a new Playback device in Sibelius, then it is a simpler process:

The two programs are connected together. When you play notes in Sibelius they get played in Tune Smithy. When you change the scale and arpeggio in Tune Smithy then the tuning of the notes will change.

(techy note, if you want to follow what happens in detail, look at Most Recent Note Played from Midi In (Ctrl + 27) in FTS. Every time you play a note in Sibelius then the numbers should change in Most Recent Note Played from Midi In (Ctrl + 27).)

Main Steps in Pictures

This is how to connect the two programs together. It's the most important part of the demo - as this is what lets you use Tune Smithy to retune the Sibelius scores.

First you need to download and install Loopbe1 (from []) and Tune Smithy (from [])

In Tune Smithy make sure you choose the Composition Retuning task.

Now you need to connect the two programs together.

How to connect Sibelius to Loopbe1

This is for Sibelius 6 First. May be slightly different in other versions of Sibelius but basic idea is the same.

You need to add Loopbe1 as a new playback device. So first find the Playback Devices window here in the Play drop menu in Sibelius:

Show Playback Devices in Sibelius

Now you need to create a new device, press the New button, and enter the name for your new device, e.g. "loopbe1"

New Playback Device

Then you need to activate loopbe1 in the new device. If you see anything else on the right hand side here then de-activate it. Make sure it only shows loopbe1 in the list of active devices.

Activate Loopbe1

Finally it looks like this:

New Device in Sibelius all set up - ready to close

You are all done, Sibelius is now set up to play everything through loopbe1.

Click Close and answer Yes when asked to save the new settings.

How to connect Loopbe1 to Tune Smithy

Make sure you have Tune Smithy set to the Composition Retuning Task. You can find this in the Tasks for Tune Smithy folder on your desktop, you can also select the Task during the install.

You can find Loopbe1 in the In menu in Tune Smithy.

Make sure it is selected, like this:

Loopbe1 selected in Tune Smithy

So that's it done.

Now when you play notes or edit the score in Sibelius your notes are played through Tune Smithy.

You choose the scale and arpeggio using the drop lists in Tune Smithy.

Hopefully the rest of the video will now make sense :).

With this setup, Sibelius can only play notes if Tune Smithy is running.

How to go back to normal composing in Sibelius

To get back to normal composing in Sibelius, just go back to the Playback Devices window, and choose something else from the drop list of configurations.

Whenever you want to compose microtonally

When you want to compose microtonally again, then choose Loopbe1 in the Playback Devices window in Sibelius.

Also, start up Tune Smithy and select Loopbe1 in its In menu.

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