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Tutorials: How to play the Lambdoma from a conventional midi keyboard

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The Lambdoma is 2D. So there are two ways to think about it:

eight rows each with eight cells

eight columns each with eight cells.

There are several ways to play it from the music keyboard. By rows, by columns, and various ways of assigning keyboard keys to the Lambdoma.

How to do it

First, you need to connect the midi keyboard to your computer. If there is no midi connection you can use the Edirol UM1-SX or similar.

Use it to connect your keyboard to the computer.

Select it in the In menu:

Lambdoma In.png

Make sure it says CURRENTLY OPEN.

In the In As menu, choose to treat it as a music keyboard:

Lambdoma In As.png

You need to choose how you want to play it. Here it is set to consecutive white keys. For details see the next section.

Then just play the notes from the music keyboard. You will see the notes on the Lambdoma picture as you play.

Music Keyboard Options

Consecutive white keys

Lambdoma test.png

The first chord in the first bar plays the first column of the Lambdoma.

Each bar after that plays a row of the Lambdoma.

You can swap rows and columns by playing:

C# for rows
Eb for columns.

These keys don't sound. They just swap between playing rows and playing columns.

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