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PC Keyboard Pic

To Show ...

Sustain pedal, modulation wheel, what to show on the keyboard, more options

To Play ...

Various options that affect the pitches and so on as played from the PC keyboard.

To j.i.

This retunes chords to pure harmonies in any scale with pitch shifts...

The chords will all be pure but the consequence of this in many scales is that notes shift about as you move from one chord to the next. You can configure how this works.

Example, if you play a C then an E a pure 5/4 above it (i.e. pitched in tune with the fifth harmonic) then it will be about 14 cents flat in equal temperament. If you then play a G# above that then the C a 5/4 above that, it will then be very noticeably flat compared with the original C (nearly a quarter tone flat).

Try that out with this option switched on - and overlap each note with just the next one - and you will hear how it works. Be sure to overlap each note only with the next one, and not leave the first C sounding throughout.

Then, when you get to the final C, listen to its pitch. Then release it and play it again after a pause of a second or two and it will play at its original pitch which is very noticeably sharper. This works because this option is set up to reset notes to the original pitch during pauses of half a second or more - configured from the J.I. opts window.

J.i. opts

Options for the just intonation retuning with pitch shifts

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