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Midi File Options


Various options to configure how the midi recording is done

Save As...

Browse for location to save, and save using exact desired times


Play the recording directly in Tune Smithy - or stop playback...

Useful for a quick review of the recording to check it was made correctly. Changes to a stop button when playback is in progress.

For more detailed control, to pause, restart, change volume etc, you will want to play in Windows Media Player, WinAmp, etc.

To show the recording in the program which is set up to play audio clips on your computer, use the Play by Association button.

By assoc.

Play using the program set up to handle audio clips on your computer...

Use this after you have finished making the recording to play it to hear the results.

This has the same effect as double clicking on the file in your folders listing - it uses your computer's file association for whatever type of file it is you play - so will start up whatever program has been set up to handle this type of fiile.

Usually it will get played by Windows Media player. It could also be played by WinAmp or the like if they have been installed on your computer or other music programs you installed that have registered themselves as able to handle audio playback (the last one installed has precedence, also usually when a program is installed you are asked what file types you want it to handle).

You can configure the file associations yourself, using Tools | Folder Options | File Types in Explorer - or just right click on one of the files, go to Open With... then Choose Program... and say that you always want to use that program to open the files of this type.

Save show as web page

Save using exact desired times and show the midi clip embedded in a web page

Help = F1

Click for help for this window. Or F1. Other opts: Shift , Alt, Ctrl + click...

F1 or click shows the help for the current window in your web browser.

Some windows may have no help yet in which case the help icon is shown crossed out with a red line.

Shift + F1 or Shift + Click brings up the tool tips extra help window (this window) to show any extra help for a tool tip.

You can tell if a tool tip has extra help if it ends ... like this one.

Ctrl + F1 or Ctrl + click takes you to the list of keyboard shortcuts for Tune Smithy.

Alt + F1 or Alt + click (alternatively Caps lock physically held down + F1 or Click) takes you to the on-line page at the web site about the current main window task - which gives a short introduction to it for newbies to the program. If there is no on-line page specific to a task, takes you to the main tune smithy page on the web site.

Since the help for Tune Smithy is currently a bit out of date and needs to be redone completely for the new 3.0 release, then you may find the on-line page for some of the newer tasks particularly useful.

Organise Windows = F2

Or F2 - Reset / save / open for individual windows, right click for cat. list...

Shows the Organise windows window - which you can use to reset all the parameters for the current window - or save them all, or open previously saved parameters for just this window. Also has a drop list of all the windows and their shortcuts.

You can also right click on this icon as a quick way to get the floating drop menu of all the Tune Smithy windows organised by category=Neighbours, and Previous - Up - Next= New Scale (Ctrl + 5) == Ctrl + Shift + SCALE

Help For Tool Tip - Shift + F1 (Ctrl + 141) == Ctrl + Shift + HELP == HelpDEBUG

ain Window == Ctrl + Shift + MAINWINDOW

Make web page of tune midi or audio clips (Ctrl + 49) == Ctrl + Shift + MIDIFILEGALLERY == MidiFileGallery

Make Polyrhythms Web Page (Ctrl + 155) == Ctrl + Shift + POLYRHYTHMSWEBPAGE == POLYRHYTHMS_WEB_PAGE

Organise windows (Ctrl + 51) == Ctrl + Shift + ORGANISEWINDOWS == Organise_Windows

Rhythms and Polyrhythms (Ctrl + 89) == Ctrl + Shift + POLYRHYTHMS == PolyRhythms

Accidentals symbols and special opts (Ctrl + 61) == Ctrl + Shift + ACCIDENTALS == NotationForAccidentals

Midi Output Channels for Parts and Polyphony (Ctrl + 60) == Ctrl + Shift + CHANNELSFORPARTS == MidiOutChannelsForParts

N.B. This list of neighbours may change each time this help is updated - it is based on the windows I use myself most often after this one.

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