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Twelve tone Mean Tones and Linear Temperaments

==Make for New Scale window==Place the result back in the main window== Scale Notation...==Set the notation such as cents, ratios etc used for display of all scale values...Also has various options to configure how other numbers (volumes etc) are displayed in Tune Smithy.==Help = F1==Click for help for this window. Or F1. Other opts: Shift , Alt, Ctrl + click... F1 or click shows the help for the current window in your web browser. Some windows may have no help yet in which case the help icon is shown crossed out with a red line.Shift + F1 or Shift + Click brings up the tool tips extra help window (this window) to show any extra help for a tool tip. You can tell if a tool tip has extra help if it ends ... like this one.Ctrl + F1 or Ctrl + click takes you to the list of keyboard shortcuts for Tune Smithy.Alt + F1 or Alt + click (alternatively Caps lock physically held down + F1 or Click) takes you to the on-line page at the web site about the current main window task - which gives a short introduction to it for newbies to the program. If there is no on-line page specific to a task, takes you to the main tune smithy page on the web site.Since the help for Tune Smithy is currently a bit out of date and needs to be redone completely for the new 3.0 release, then you may find the on-line page for some of the newer tasks particularly useful. ==Organise Windows = F2==Or F2 - Reset / save / open for individual windows, right click for cat. list...Shows the Organise windows window - which you can use to reset all the parameters for the current window - or save them all, or open previously saved parameters for just this window. Also has a drop list of all the windows and their shortcuts.You can also right click on this icon as a quick way to get the floating drop menu of all the Tune Smithy windows organised by category

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Help For Tool Tip - Shift + F1 (Ctrl + 141)

New Scale (Ctrl + 5)

What to show on pictures of music keyboards (Ctrl + 111)

Look for Moment of Symmetry scale (Ctrl + 128)

Similar Waves For Pitch Detection (Ctrl + 127)

Tip of the Day (Ctrl + 125)

Musical e-card To and Subject (Ctrl + 124)

What to show on PC Keyboard pics, sustain and controller (Ctrl + 123 or Ctrl + K1)

Muscial E-card Picture and Tune (Ctrl + 122)

N.B. This list of neighbours may change each time this help is updated - it is based on the windows I use myself most often after this one.

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