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Tune Info


Info about the current tune - or add author, comments etc...

Add Author

Add your name as author to the tune smithy file when you press Add Now...

This is particularly useful if you plan to share it. Others can see who made it here, and read any information you provide about it too.

Add Author

Put your name here ready to add to any tune when you want to add it...

if you bought FTS then your name is put here automatically

Add Date

Adds the date the tune smithy file was last saved when you press Add Now

Add author and date on new or save

Refreshes the author and date whenever you save any file or start a new one

Add now...

Add the details now (or refresh them now)

Add now...

Anything you want others to be able to read about your fractal tune...

If you have it set to add your name and date here automatically, be sure to put any things you want to say afer the line with the date and the author if present rather than before it - otherwise another copy of that line will get added before your info.

This field is what actually gets saved to the tune smithy file.

Show Score...

Show the score for the midi clip. Button is visible if score is found...

You will need a suitable viewer for the score. The ones that come with Tune Smithy require NoteWorthy Player - or the NoteWorthy Composer, to view them.

For the player:

Show Score...

File extensions for the Show Score button...

To use this feature, save the original score for the tune with the same file name as the midi clip to be retuned and in the same location, with one of these file extensions.

So you can save a Sibelius score with extension .sib, Finale score with extension .mus or NoteWorthy Composer score extension .nwc.

Add any other file extensions you need to the list here or remove ones you don't want to see. The file is shown by file association, same effect as clicking on the file to show it in your Files Explorer.

If you save the same score in several different formats in this list, make sure the file extension you want the button to show is first, or before the others in the list. The file extensions are checked in the order listed here, and the button will show the first one found when there are several matches

If the name of the midi file to be retuned ends with _source.mid, then a search is made for e.g. hexany_recorder_trio_source.nwc and also hexany_recorder_trio.nwc with the _source part left out.

File extensions that scores may have include:

sib (Sibelius), mus (Finale), nwc (NoteWorthy Composer), lim (Lime), ly (LilyPond), abc (various programs that recognise the abc format), etf (Finale), pdf (Adobe Acrobat), ps and eps (Postscript viewer such as GhostScript, or print), png, gif, jpg, tif and bmp (any browser or image viewer)

Help = F1

Click for help for this window. Or F1. Other opts: Shift , Alt, Ctrl + click...

F1 or click shows the help for the current window in your web browser.

Some windows may have no help yet in which case the help icon is shown crossed out with a red line.

Shift + F1 or Shift + Click brings up the tool tips extra help window (this window) to show any extra help for a tool tip.

You can tell if a tool tip has extra help if it ends ... like this one.

Ctrl + F1 or Ctrl + click takes you to the list of keyboard shortcuts for Tune Smithy.

Alt + F1 or Alt + click (alternatively Caps lock physically held down + F1 or Click) takes you to the on-line page at the web site about the current main window task - which gives a short introduction to it for newbies to the program. If there is no on-line page specific to a task, takes you to the main tune smithy page on the web site.

Since the help for Tune Smithy is currently a bit out of date and needs to be redone completely for the new 3.0 release, then you may find the on-line page for some of the newer tasks particularly useful.

Organise Windows = F2

Or F2 - Reset / save / open for individual windows, right click for cat. list...

Shows the Organise windows window - which you can use to reset all the parameters for the current window - or save them all, or open previously saved parameters for just this window. Also has a drop list of all the windows and their shortcuts.

Fractal Tunes Dialog Star

Tip of the day - Fractal Tunes category - right click for neighbouring windows...

Left click for a tip of the day in this category.

Right click to see a menu of neighbouring windows.

The neighbours are the ones you most often move to after this one or within a minute of this one, arranged by popularity.

So as you continue to use FTS, it will learn your habits, and the neighbouring windows listed here, should be the ones you most often visit after this one.

Neighbours, and Previous - Up - Next

Help For Tool Tip - Shift + F1 (Ctrl + 141)

New Scale (Ctrl + 5)

Dan Stearn's Under / Over Scales (Ctrl + 133)

Text As Seeds - use any text to generate seeds (Ctrl + 132)

Tuning program numbers etc (Ctrl + 131)

Theremin Pitch bend Range (Ctrl + 130)

Lambdoma Com Ports (Ctrl + 129)

Look for Moment of Symmetry scale (Ctrl + 128)

Similar Waves For Pitch Detection (Ctrl + 127)

N.B. This list of neighbours may change when these pages are updated.

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