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17 Dec 08 Left and right click to quickly adjust the rhythms

I’ve just found a way to make use of the block display below the bouncing balls to quickly adjust the rhythms.

You left click on the blocks display to add a beat to the bar and right click to subtract one. So you can e.g. change from 3/4 to 4/4 and back with a single click.

With the polyrhythms you can click on any of the layers in the display to adjust that rhythm in the polyrhythm

Adjustable Polyrhythm

Adjustable Polyrhythm

There the number of blocks in each layer shows visually the number of beats in each polyrhythm. For instance in this picture the first layer, pale blue, has two blocks, so the blue ball bounces twice in each bar. You can tell which layer belongs to which of the bouncing balls as it is the same colour just faded a bit (because it doesn’t work very well visually to make them the same colour as the bouncing balls).

When you left click on a layer then an extra block is added to the layer – so its bouncing ball (i.e. the one the same colour but unfaded) will bounce an extra beat in each bar.

Similarly, when you right click on the layer, its bouncing ball bounces one less beat per bar.

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