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26 Nov 08 Large window with 16 time signatures

I’ve made larger versions of the time signature window for this upload – so that as you keep pressing the More button, so it goes 3 time signatures, then 4, then 8, then 16. You can play all the time signatures simultaneously or you can play them one after another to make a long bar of 16 time signatures.
Metronome for 4/4 with 3/4 played simultaneously

Rhythm speeds up to pitch

Note how as the rhythm gets faster, eventually the beats are so many a minute that they sound like a pitched note.

This is really meant for the long bars as they can easily have many time signatures. I could make an even larger one for the additive rhythms with say 32 time signatures easily enough if anyone at all needs that many, if anyone does just let me know and I’ll add it in right away (simple addition).

You will be able to use this window with the next upload of
Tune Smithy’s rhythms and polyrhythms metronome player

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