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After you search - scroll down to below the ads to see the search results - and you can choose to sort the news by Date or by Relevance, defaults to Date. Try by Relevance if the search results don't seem very relevant to your search term.

Same as Google News but leaves out sites like the Daily Express. To see the problem try a Google News search for Planet X and compare with the search results here. Sites are excluded if they run fake doomsday stories and similar fake sensationalist news - also excludes sites with native language other than English. Not guaranteed to exclude all such sites - if you come across fake news or sites not in English please report.

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This image is based on the Cosmic Horeshoe in the constellation Leo imaged by the Hubble deep field. It's a fun example of gravitational lensing letting us peer at a distant galaxy that we could not see in detail without this happy accident. I thought it was a nice visual analogy for google custom searches.

The foreground galaxy LRG 3 - 757 in the center is 5.2 billion light years away and a hundred times more massive than our galaxy. As a result it bends light and by gravitational lensing lets us peer at an extremely distant galaxy 10.3 billion light years away.