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Tune Smithy links Options

FTS can play the fractal tune immediately when you click on a link - you need to have File | Play by File Association selected (standard setting).

You can stop the fractal tune fby clicking on the same link a second time.

The tune may repeat endlessly - so to hear it once only, unselect Cycle Tune from any of the Tune Smithying tasks in FTS.

If you are in the middle of editing a fractal tune, FTS will start another copy of the program to play the file, so that you can keep your mid-edit tune as it is. Otherwise it will keep opening all the fractal tunes in the same instance of the program.

Hold down the shift key while clicking on the hyperlink if you want it to appear in a new copy of FTS. Note that each copy of FTS will use some system resources (resource meter is at Start | Programs | Accessories | System tools in Windows 98).

You can also select File | File Associations | Start in new process each time - with that selected, it works the other way round, and you need to hold down the shift key to open in the same process.