Scottish Bluebells Anaglyph

Made with Virtual Flower

Scottish bluebells coloured anaglyph

For viewing with those red / blue 3D specs
(such as you get with magazines from time to time, e.g. for the Mars Pathfinder images)

To get the program with many more shapes, download and install Virtual Flower.

The program comes with a generous Free Test drive with all the features completely unlocked (start the test drive at any time):

Download Virtual Flower

Virtual Flower - create geometrical shapes and animations - great stellated dodecahedron and penatagram anti-prism with hollow strip construciton faces - with white clouds in blue sky - box shot Virtual Flower - create animated virtual flowers - virtual geranium and sunflower with wispy white clouds in deep blue sky with a wild goose flying over - box shot Virtual Flower - create star sphere animations - cube star and another star sphere with white clouds in blue sky - box shot