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Download Your Free Test Drive of Virtual Flower
What is Virtual Flower?
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Virtual FLower 2.1
updated Wednesday August 24th, 2011


Virtual Flower is a program for Windows. It comes complete with a free 30 day fully featured Test drive There is a version for the Mac also, see Virtual Flower for Mac.

To download click on the link. Or right click on it, and choose Save Link As.

Setup_Virtual_Flower [2.75 MB]

Or use Right click and choose Save. Take a note of where you saved it.

You use the same download if you have already purchased the program or to update Virtual Flower to the latest version.

You may want to keep a note of where you save it - though normally your browser will run the program automatically after the download.

Wait until your web browser tells you that the download was successful - this may take a minute, or several minutes, depending on your connection speed. Then run the program and follow the instructions.

How long it takes to download - On most broadband connections it may take a minute or so to download depending on your connection speed. With a fast broadband it will only take a few seconds. It may take several minutes if you have a slow connection, and it will take about 7 minutes to download if you are on 56K dial up.

Supported operating systems: for: Windows 9x / ME / 2K / XP / Vista

After the download

Once the download is complete, look in the save folder for Virtual_Flower_Setup, and run it (usually with a double click). Your browser may offer run it for you anyway.

Or if you chose Run from its present location just wait and it will run automatically.

You may then be asked to give your permission for the program to run.

On Vista It requires administrative privileges to make shortcuts in the All Programs menu, also on the desktop (if you ask for that), so you may be asked to give it permission to install.

XP users may be warned that the publisher of the software couldn't be verified. Unfortunately, I am unable to support the XP verification initiative in its present form. Not many software publishers do. Again just say Yes it is okay to go ahead.

All the programs on this site are adware, malware and virus free. For an independent report, see the McAffee site advisor web safety ratings for


The install

First you are asked to review the license agreement and accept it.

Then review the installation options, and select / unselect as desired - unselect the desktop shortcut if you don't want one.

Press Next.

Glance at the install directory to see if that is where you want to install it - the preset location of C:\Program Files\Virtual Flowers will be suitable for most.

Click Install. Finally click Close, and the installation is complete. Virtual Flower will run straight away.

To run it again in the future, look for the Virtual Flower icon on your desktop, or go to Start | Programs | Virtual Flower | Virtual Flower . For its help, see the Help | Intro.

You can delete the installer if you wish - the installation is complete. Or keep it for possible future use.

The first time Virtual Flower runs, it remakes all the example virtual flower scenes - this reduces the size of the installer considerably, by a megabyte or so, since only its tiny .VFL files need be included.

This installer is very system friendly. It doesn't change any system files or settings. All it does is to install Virtual Flower into its own folder, and add shortcuts to it to the desktop (if wished) and the Start menu.

The old version 1.2 is also still available: Virtual Flower 1.2 Setup [1.9 MB]


Requirements for Virtual Flower
DOWNLOAD Virtual Flower
Virtual Flower Manual
(opens in new window)
What is new in Virtual Flower
BUY Virtual Flower
Forum for Virtual Flower

You have a
Money Back Guarantee
if you change your mind after the purchase









Shapes you can make with Virtual Flower

Virtual Flowers and Trees
Virtual flower scenes (VRML)
Star Spheres
Geometrical Shapes
Anaglyph Garden
Higher Dimensional Shapes

Get Virtual Flower

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