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Hexany (see also: Transparent version)

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Click and drag to rotate. Click on red faces to hear the triads, or blue spheres to hear diads. Click on the gold spheres at the vertices to hear single notes

This scene takes a while to load - 541 Kb of audio clips.

To find out more about this model, and how you can make this and other models in Virtual Flower see Musical Geometries

Hexany phrase transformations

This demo tune plays a single phrase on the hexany, - then transforms it through all the possible transformations of the hexany and its inversion (transforms even the octave). This may be useful to give an idea of why composers find this scale so fascinating. The transformations are by Gene Ward Smith, using a method of his devising that preserves the melodic shape of the phrase..

Hexany phrase transformations (mp3)

Hexany phrase transformations (midi file)

Retuned and the Gene Ward Smith transformations applied using Tune Smithy's Retuning midi player.

Here are the matrices used for the transformation: :midi_remap.txt

To get the program, download and install Virtual Flower.

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