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Purchase Tune Smithy

There are five order types for Fractal Tune Smithy. All the other order types also unlock Midi Save. Prices are shown in dollars. You can see the prices in your own currency on the order pages.

$14 Play - play tunes and metronome without time outs

$31 Midi Relaying - retune your midi keyboard or notes played by your sequencer or notation software.

$45 Complete - everything

$90 Institutional / multi-user license - for schools or colleges or other organisations.

$7 Midi Save - Save fractal tunes or save your playing as Midi files as many times as you like in any session, and remove the one minute restriction on the midi clip length.

If you know what order type you would like and wish to buy on-line:

purchase now - not the Lambdoma Buy now - Secure order - (For everyone except Lambdoma task users) (opens in new window)

purchase now - Lambdoma task users only Buy now - Secure order - Lambdoma task users only

If you are interested in my other programs, note the new Three for Two offer - Buy any two of my main programs Tune Smithy , Virtual Flower , or Lissajous 3D and get all three and my mini utilities as well.

If you need further information, read on.

How do I purchase the program - I need help with the order form?

What is Shareware?

What can I do in the freeware version of the program?

What are the different order types of FTS available?

Is it a secure order?

Can I purchase using PayPal?

Are there alternatives to buying on-line?

I have purchased FTS before. Can I update to a new order type?

Can I use my unlock key on other computers?

Are there any discounts available?

Does the program come with printed documentation?

Can I get it on CD?


How do I purchase the program - I need help with the order form?

To purchase, go to Buy now - Secure order, Choose the order type, then click Order Now and Continue. The order gets processed when you fill in your details and click the Place your Order button on the third page.

What you purchase is the unlock key. It gets sent to you as soon as the order is completed. You then use it to unlock the program you get from the download page.


What is Shareware?

The idea is that you download a program, try it out, then if you want to buy it, you order an unlock key.

Sometimes you get an evaluation period of so many days to try out the program, and sometimes the free version of the program is feature limited, or you can only use it for a certain amount of time per session.

This system helps both the authors and the users. You get to try the program out first before you buy it. The authors don't need to pay extra costs for packaging and distribution, and can focus efforts entirely on the programming and support for users. The system is often used for programs nowadays, because of its many advantages

With Tune Smithy, you can take the program for a 30 day test drive which unlocks all the features for thirty days so that you can decide whether you want to purchase the program or not. During this period you can use the program exactly as you will be able to use it when you purchase it.

After the test drive is over, if you haven't bought it yet, then you can continue to use a feature limited version of the program for free. All the more advanced features also continue to be available, usually with time outs or similar restrictions. You can request another test drive at any time if you need to evaluate a new feature or re-evaluate the program.

You are recommended to test the program to make sure it is suitable for your purposes before you buy it.


What can I do in the freeware version of the program?

When running FTS as a freeware user, you have a maximum of ten minutes total playing time per session, and a maximum of one minute saved time for midi clips. Also there's a maximum of six saves per session.

Similarly there is a maximum of six musical e-cards per session.

If you reach the save limit, then when you exit and start a new session, you will see everything as it was before, ready for your next save (provided you keep File | Auto Save at end of session selected).

The tune scripting is also shareware. This is relevant if you use it with the other features suchas the Chord Player.

You also see the unlock screen at the start of every session - however you can choose to skip that and show a short splash screen instead.

Some parts of FTS are free (with splash), though of course shareware if you use them with the other shareware features:

Play tunes using the keys of the PC keyboard to play notes

Pllay midi clips in the retuning Midi File Player .

analyse the sound specturm

Wave 2 midi

Chord Player

You can play in any of the midi presets from Views | Midi Keyboard retuning with no time out.

You can play any of the original fractal tunes from the drop lists with no time outs, if unchanged and if you open them by selecting them from the drop lists.

You can play your own fractal tunes for as long as you like so long as you keep the program minimised - so the way to do that is to mimimise the program before it times out.

You can use FTS as often as you like in freeware mode, for as long as you like - with no requirement at all to purchase the program. Some may wish to show your appreciation, - if you wish to do so, you can give a small donation on the donations page. However, this is not required.

Support is the same for freeware users and owners of the unlocked program. I don't check whether you have bought the program or not when responding to support e-mails. So normally I am unaware whether I am replying to a shareware or freeware user of the program.


What are the different order types of FTS available?

Lambdoma users if you want FTS mainly for use with the Lambdoma view, you need the Midi Relaying level. Also, please buy it from this order page instead so that Barbara Hero can be credited: Purchase Fractal Tune Smithy for the Lambdoma. Or if you want to work with the fractal tunes too, then you may want to buy the complete unlock key - in that case just let me know so that Barbara can be credited for your order too.

Everyone else, read on.

$14 Play This is the one to get if your main interest is the fractal tunes. You also need it for the polythythm metronome (as far as Tune Smithy is concerned the metronome is a type of fractal tune). You still have a time out for Midi Relaying, however, this is increased to half an hour (or a pause for ten seconds every three minutes).

$31 Midi Relaying - Unlocks the devices listed on your In Menu in FTS - if you have any. You need this if you use FTS to retune notes played from a music keyboard. You also need it if you use FTS together with a sequencer such as Cakewalk say, or notation software like NoteWorthy Composer, Sibelius or Finale to retune the notes in the score so that you can hear your score in the intended tuning. For details, see the FAQ entry: How do I use FTS with my music notation software or sequencer to compose microtonally?

You still have a time out for Play for the fractal tunes, however this is increased to half an hour (or a pause for ten seconds every three minutes).

$45 Complete - suitable for musicians and composers who also want to listen to the fractal tunes. No limitations.

$90 Institutional / multi-user license . This allows use of FTS on any number of computers within your school, college, or organisation. In the case of educational institutions, the teachers may also use the program at home.

Home users don't need this order type. You and any members of your household are free to use Fractal Tune Smithy on any of your machines - you only need to buy a multi-user license if it is needed for an organisation. Home users can also use Tune Smithy on other people's machines when traveling - just be sure to remove your unlock key when you go (which you can do from Help | Unlock) - or uninstall the program when you go.

$7 Midi Save - Unlocks Midi Save and the limit on the number of saves per session - this is of interest if your main use of FTS is to make midi clips for web pages, or to add fractal music to the fractal flowers and trees you can make using my Virtual Flower program - or if you use it mainly to send musical e-cards. You still have time outs for Play for the fractal tunes and Midi Relaying - both are increased to half an hour per session (or a pause for ten seconds every three minutes).

All the keys unlock the saves, and all unlock the time out for Midi Save .

Free features

All those features are currently free. The only difference is that when you use FTS in freeware mode, you see a short splash screen whenever the program starts. If you want to remove the splash screen, you can get the Midi Save level - also any of the order levels remove the splash screen.

If you want to show your appreciation for the free features by donating something, see the Donations page.

Whatever level you choose, you can Upgrade later if needed, e.g. if later you buy a music keyboard and need the Midi Relaying support in FTS.


Is it a secure order?

Yes it is.

The order is processed by my agents RegNow who have specialised in providing this service for shareware authors.

For details - see the RegNow Frequently Asked Questions – General Information

I don't see your credit card details myself, I just get notification that you have bought FTS, together with details of the order type etc. Also, RegNow will make the unlock key for you automatically, so this means that you receive it immediately, as soon as they receive payment.

You are welcome to try the process out first, as far as the page where you need to enter your credit card details - to see how it works. If you have any questions about the order process be sure to ask them or me :-). .

Also be sure to contact me if the order doesn't go through for any reason - my experience has been that RegNow are swift at resolving any questions or problems.


How do I unlock the program?

You will receive an unlock key code instantly when you complete the order. This is valid for all future releases of Fractal Tune Smithy. The unlock key will come with instructions on how to use it. Basically you enter it into the unlock window from Help | Unlock. There is no need to re-download the program to unlock it.


Can I purchase using PayPal?

Yes you can.

If you pay in US dollars, there is an option to use PayPal on the RegNow order page. That's best, as you will get sent the unlock key as soon as they receive your payment. You just need to choose PayPal as the order method when you go to Order Now on the RegNow page.

If paying in other currencies or if for some reason you want to pay me directly, then you can do that here. There may be delays for up to several days, and on occasion may be a week or longer before I process the order.

Before you purchase using the PayPal form here

Contact first, to see if I am available to process your order right away.


Midi Relay


Institutional / multi-user license

Midi Save


Are there alternatives to buying on-line?

Yes, you can also pay by mail, fax, wire, and PO. You can also pay by phone. If you live in the UK you can also pay me directly in UK pounds.

Of course, if you pay by mail, then you only receive the unlock key after RegNow receive your payment.

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Payment by mail, fax, wire, and PO.

To use any of these methods, go to the RegNow order page, and after you choose "order now", choose how you wish to pay from the Payment Method drop list. You then get instructions about how to complete the payment, usually along with an order id (e.g. you need to write the order id on your cheque if paying by post).

Some of these alternative methods incur a handling charge of the order of two or three dollars.

For details, and for answers about other common questions about the payment process, see the RegNow Frequently Asked Questions – General Information (opens in new window)

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Payment by phone

Contact the RegNow 24/7 Customer Service Center at +1-952-646-5331 or toll free from the US and Canada at 1-877-353-7297

When you place the order, tell them the order id for Tune Smithy, which is 3669-1, and the desired order type, i.e. Play, Midi Save, Midi Relay or Complete.

Phone orders are subject to an additional $3.00 USD order processing fee.

Credit cards accepted include:

Visa Check Card
American Express (USD only)
Discover (USD only)

Currencies supported for phone orders:

US dollar (USD)
British pound sterling (GBP)
Australian dollar (AUD)
Canadian dollar (CAD or CDN)

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Payment by Post in UK

You can also pay in GB pounds and send a cheque directly to me. See Post UK .

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I have purchased FTS before. Can I update to a new order type?


To upgrade from Play to Complete, order the Midi Relaying code, and enter it on a new line below your original unlock code using Help | Show Unlock key.

To upgrade from Midi Relaying to Complete, order the Play / Midi Save code, and again enter it on a new line.

You can also upgrade from Midi Save to Play - here is how to do it: Order a second Midi Save code (not on the same day that you bought the original code). The two codes will differ - enter the new one again on a new line and you will find that FTS is now unlocked for Play.

With these methods you end up having two codes in the unlock window. You can contact me to convert them to a single code for the new ordering level.


Can I use my unlock key on other computers?

Yes - you can use it on other computers, for your own use only, for instance when you travel or visit friends and relatives.

When finished - you need to remove the unlock key (from Help | Show Unlock Code | Delete Unlock Key) or uninstall the program + its unlock key when you leave

If you do leave your unlock key on a computer then let me know and I will mark it as missing for future uploads of the program and issue another one.

The copy is for your use only. None of my programs are hardware locked. This means that you can use your copy on any computer without needing to contact me first.

For my reasons and more details, see Will my unlock key work on any computer?


Does the unlock key apply for all future versions of FTS?

Yes it does. I may develop other programs that can interact with FTS in various ways such as the Lissajous 3D program already develops which shows 3D shapes that change shape as you play chords in FTS. You have to buy those separately. It may later be possible to develop other programs that can interact with FTS in various ways.

However you never will need to pay to update to the latest version of FTS itself.


Are there any discounts available?

Yes, there's an educational discount of 50%. There's a discount for those who are unemployed or with a very low income of 75%.

If you have a very low income or come from a country with low incomes, as many fine musicians do of course, other licensing methods can be arranged.

To get the discounts, you need to contact to ask for a voucher. I will reply as promptly as I can, but am sometimes off-line so there may be a delay of some days or maybe even a week or so in replying to your application at some times of the year.


Does the program come with printed documentation?

No there is no printed documentation.

What you purchase is the unlock key. FTS comes with extensive help documentation in web page format - over two megabytes of it, including FAQ, tip of the day and tutorials. You get to it from the program via the help menu and F1 help. If anything isn't covered in the help then for friendly assistance, contact:


Can I get it on CD?

Yes when you purchase the unlock key from RegNow, you have an option to buy a CD with the freeware / trial versions of all my programs on it for an extra charge. They are identical to the programs that you download except that the ones available on this web site may sometimes be more recent than the ones on the CD if the program is one that I update frequently between version number changes.