Download Tune Smithy 4.2 Release for the Lambdoma
updated 4th August 2011

For the newer version 4.5 visit Tune Smithy 4.5 Release for the Lambdoma (not yet tested with hardware keyboard)

To buy keys: Buy Unlock Keys for FTS Lambdoma


Click here to download: Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma (version 4.2) [9.3 MB] - Windows 2K / XP / Windows 7.

This is the version to put on the CD and to include with the hardware keyboards for the 8 by 8 lambdoma. Manuals and link to latest Lissajous 3D - see below.

Sorry no longer supported for Windows 95 or 98.

After the download completes, run the saved file to install the program. You can then delete the installer - it is no longer needed.

If the download link fails with message of incomplete download, try again here: Setup FTS Midi Lambdoma ( mirror).

After the install, look on your desktop for "Tune Smithy Lambdoma 4" (unless you unchecked the option to make a desktop shortcut of course).

Walk through demo of the Basic Lambdoma

Manual pages here:

Single quadrant FTS Lambdoma - 4 quadrant FTS Lambdoma

These manual pages just tell you how to install the software for your keyboard, and give you the very first steps and trouble shooting. The rest of the help is included integrated into the program itself. These pages are for inclusion as part of the manual on the CD.

Lissajous 3D

You can get the latest Lissajous 3D here: Download Lissajous 3D. Now shows the ratios in the title bar. Also fixed some minor bugs - one which meant that some patterns were shown incomplete, and another which made the spin / sway movements jerky for the Basic Lambdoma.

Before that, I added an option to automatically randomise the sway and spin for the Lissajous 3D pattern for the Lissajous chord, which gives you a much better feel for its 3D shape.

FTS Lambdoam 4 - Installs as a new program - keeps your FTS 3 intact

This release, and the old version of FTS (version 3) install as separate programs and can be uninstalled independently as well. The beta for FTS Lambdoma 4 if you tried that also installs as a separate program. If you installed all of them, complete with desktop shortcuts, then you will have three shortcuts on your desktop.

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