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Affiliate Scheme

Join my affiliate scheme and get paid a commission for all those who buy my programs as a result of clicking on your link.

There are two affiliate programs now - one uses eSellerate and one uses RegNow. You can join both. No setup fee!

For eSellerate, visit the eSellerate Affiliate page. Those who download the setup program for this scheme purchase directly from within the app. So far it is implemented for Lissajous 3D only but I plan to add the other apps later. This has a 20% comission.

For RegNow, join the RegNow affiliate program. This has a 30 % comission.

If you follow that link, you get set up as an affiliate already for all my programs - of course you can also become an affiliate for any other programs sold at Reg Now too.

Then go to Relationships | Robert Walker | Get Links to get the links you can use to link to my products.

They will look something like this:

where xxxxx is your affiliate id. Then whenever anyone finds out about my programs as a result of clicking on this link, it will get credited to your affiliate id - it sets a cookie on their computer. Then if later they buy one of my programs as a result of clicking on your link, you (will nearly always) collect your commission for it.

That's it done. Reg Now will pay you directly.

Here are some free banners you can use for the links:

If you want a large one, you can use

Or for a smaller one

Fractal Tune Smithy

Lissajous 3D

Virtual Flower:

FAQ for Reg Now

Do any users buy your programs by some other method?

Yes - Some buy them using PayPal. Some pay me directly with a cheque in UK pounds. However percentage wise these numbers are small - less than one percent buy using any other method..

Others may use the new eSellerate system which lets them buy the program from within the installer. What I've done there is to make it so that all links in the eSellerate build take users to the update page for the eSellerate installer, and all links in the RegNow build takes all users to the update page for the RegNow build. So there should be little cross over between the two builds. Gradually I will add other programs to the eSellerate system. This gives you a choice - you can use whichever of those builds you prefer, or both.

With the Reg Now system, some users also will disable cookies - but a reasonable percentage of the orders I receive are through affiliate links like this.

What percentage can I expect to buy?

Of those who download shareware, generally only one in several thousand actually buy the programs, maybe one in five or ten thousand. A very high percentage would be one in five hundred. So don't expect too much! To put it another way - the average user downloads several thousand programs for each one they buy, after taking account of those who never buy anything. It will depend on whether my programs are ones that will particularly appeal to your visitors. If they are already interested in such programs and will need them for their work, the figures will be higher surely.

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