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Download Your Free Test Drive of Lissajous 3D
Extra skins
What is Lissajous 3D?
Pattern Transformations
Epicycles ("Spirographs")
Other Features
The musical connection
Triads, Harmonic Polyrhythms and the 3D Lissajous
Lissajous 3D Screen Saver


Download Your Free Test Drive of Virtual Flower
What is Virtual Flower?
Star Spheres
Geometrical Shapes
Musical Geometries
Musical e-cards
Flash and jpeg animations for web pages etc
Stereoscopic views - and Coloured 3D Anaglyphs
Explore four and higher dimensional geometry
Screen saver

3D Animations Features Overview
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What do you want to do?

All these features are available when you download:
Lissajous 3D or Virtual Flower

Lissajous 3D FeatureWatch the relaxing Lissajous 3D animations and create new ones of your own

- see What is Lissajous 3D

Lissajous 3D FeatureExplore some of the ways you can transform the patterns, such as adding magnetism, friction, etc, change the wave shape to e.g. square waves, replace the ribbon by line segments for a string game type pattern - or turn the ribbon inside out in a sphere, etc - see Pattern Transformations

Lissajous 3D FeatureGenerate patterns from circles spinning within circles - epicycles, or "spirographs"

drifting spirograph three fold symmetry

- see Epicycles ("Spirographs")

Lissajous 3D FeatureSave your patterns as animations, or as images, or send them as a musical e-card - see Other Features

Lissajous 3D FeatureExplore the musical connections, and show Lissajous patterns for musical intervals - see The musical connection

Lissajous 3D FeatureInstall the Lissajous 3D screen saver

see The Screen Saver

Virtual Flower

Virtual Flower Feature Create plants that grow, sway and rustle, for virtual scenes

See What is Virtual Flower

Virtual Flower FeatureMake animated "star spheres" (or in this case, a "star cube")

stars begin to swirl
mid swirl
after they coalesce to make the cube star

(stills from animation)

See Star Spheres

Virtual Flower Feature Generate virtual models of various geometrical shapes

- see Geometrical Shapes

Virtual Flower Feature Make and explore musical geometries - special shapes with musical notes at every vertex, and chords for the lines and faces. All the notes and chords fit together with each other in the same way that the faces, lines and points fit together to make the geometrical shape they are on.

- see Musical Geometries

Virtual Flower Feature Save your virtual plants and flowers as images or movies

still from animation of spinning sunflower
(still frame - spins around)

- see Flash and jpeg animations for web pages etc

Virtual Flower FeatureSave your plants as images that look 3D through those red/green spectacles. The coloured anaglyphs show coloured as well as in 3D. Here is an example which shows as blue flowers on a green stalk with the 3D specs:

scottish bluebells anaglyph

- see Stereoscopic views - and Coloured 3D Anaglyphs

Virtual Flower Feature Play the Virtual Flowers in a screen saver.

- see Screen saver

Virtual Flower Feature Plus a techy program to make new viewpoints for VRML enthusiasts.

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What is new in Lissajous 3D
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Lissajous patterns and Spirographs - slides and Movies

Textured Patterns slide show

Lissajous Slide Show

Slide show Gadget

Animated slide show Gadget (broadband best)

Day full of promise animation

Youtube videos

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Requirements for Virtual Flower
DOWNLOAD Virtual Flower
Virtual Flower Manual
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What is new in Virtual Flower
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You have a
Money Back Guarantee
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Shapes you can make with Virtual Flower

Virtual Flowers and Trees
Virtual flower scenes (VRML)
Star Spheres
Geometrical Shapes
Anaglyph Garden
Higher Dimensional Shapes

Get Virtual Flower

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