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These are all windows programs. Some of the features are shareware (hover the mouse over the word for more info) - and other features or programs are basically free (with splash). See also the quick links page.

  Create & Enjoy Music

With the innovative Tune Smithy you can:

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With the new Bounce Metronome Pro


  Create & Enjoy 3D Animations

With the Lissajous 3D and Virtual Flower 3D animations you can:

  • Create relaxing animations

    - start with any of the examples and vary the parameters to see what happens. more

  • Play your own animations, or the presets, as a screen saver more
  • Create virtual plants and flowers.

    still from animation of spinning sunflower

    for Virtual Worlds, images, or short animations. more
  • Make star spheres that swirl and colaesce into a geometrical shape like this:
    stars begin to swirl
    mid swirl
    after they coalesce to make the cube star
    (stills from animation)

  • Explore geometrical shapes in 3D

    and make new ones more
  • Explore musical geometrical shapes
  • Make coloured anaglyph flowers and shapes
    scottish bluebells anaglyph
  • Explore higher dimensions of space

    Spin this hypercube through the fourth dimension, and watch its cube faces deform and swap position as it turns. Can you develop an intution of higher dimensional space??

Plus a techy program to make new viewpoints for VRML enthusiasts.

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  Track time on projects and other utilities

With these utilities, you can:

  • with Activity Timer
    • keep track of time spent on projects. more
    • Includes automatic reminders to take breaks when working at the computer - with visual or musical alarms. more
    • Optional eye protection alarms more
    • Many skins to choose from, and you can make your own from your pictures more
  • with Text Echo
    • do an advanced search and replace throughout all the files in a folder and its subfolders more
    • Echo small text fields in web pages in a larger area or larger font for easier editing more
    • Innovative wild words search and replace more
    • Make redirect pages for an entire web site in one go more
    • Spell check using the Aspell spell checker more

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Source Code

Here you can find:

  • MemLeakCheck library for automatically checking for memory leaks more
  • PlayMidi lib library to help you to make microtonal retuning software more
  • an extension of the OpenGL 3D extrustion library gle, more
  • my port of Ming to Windows which you can use to add capabilities to your program to save 3D flash animations like the ones created by Virtual Flower (not the current version of Win Ming though) more
  • Make MSVC 6.0, and legacy Windows C-code, year 2038 compliant more
  • Monitor events from a Com Port more
  • One fairly quick way to reduce colour depth to 256 colours more
  • various other things that I make available from time to time.

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