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Activity Timer Bug Fixes
updated Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

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Minor update - October 14th 2008

The Space out controls in windows option wasn't doing anything for the main window - fixed.

Also a few minor bug fixes - mainly such things as overlapping controls and clipped text for buttons etc - (not worth listing separately).

Minor update - October 7th 2008

If unicode translations are used for e.g. Active and Not Active, then in the system menu (what you get with e.g. right click on the icon), you see hex instead of the actual characters.


In the Timing and Display options window (F3) the So far idle for: ... message has missing spaces sometimes if you use translations of the phrases rather than the original - also in a few other places ditto - fixed


Minor update - September 27th 2008

Reports tables shown with missing columns and other display bugs for some combinations of the option to show day descriptions and costs.


Main window | More | Year field shows time for week instead of year (shows year if projects list is visible)



Version 3.2 release

September 13th 2008 - Release of Activity Timer 3.2

Version 3.1 release

April 2nd 2008 - Release of Activity Timer 3.1

Bar chart - doesn't refresh right away on change the drop down selection of type to show (today, week etc) - fixed

Noticeable amount of CPU time testing for presence of programs or window titles to disable alarms for
- fixed - also did a fair bit of optimising of the program - CPU load generally reduced considerably to about a tenth of what it was before.

Help may not show up for some installed browsers (e.g. Maxthon) - fixed.

Other very minor bug fixes - mainly display issues in the user interface.

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Minor update - March 3rd 2008

Bug fix - if you leave the program running overnight, e.g. on a computer with a screensaver running - it is possible that the session next day gets counted as continuing on from the previous day's session, rather than update to a new day - fixed.

When you set it to inactive, if any of the alarms is sounding or showing at the time, then it should be stopped immediately, you shouldn't be required to stop them as a separate step - fixed.

Occasionally the flashing border for Activity timer might appear on top of a screen saver when the screen saver is running - fixed.

Several other more minor bugs also fixed, not worth listing in detail, small things to do with the user interface.

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January 2008 - Release of Activity Timer 3.0

Lots of minor updates and bug fixes. Major bug fix - if you have a power cut or switch off the power when Activity Timer happens to be in the middle of saving a file then sometimes it can lose information about the hours worked for that day.

Now, each file is now saved twice with the file length and check sum appended to it - this means that if one copy is corrupted because power is lost when AT is in the middle of saving it then it can recognise that the file is corrupted, and it can still recover the information for the hours worked for that day from the last save of the automatic copy.

Friday August 29

When Activity Timer tries to play one of the midi tune alarms while you are playing another midi file or have a midi application running then it pops up an error message to say it can't play it.

When it is minimized and ticking away in the background, and you are working on something else, maybe using a midi program or playing a file, this message is a nuisance; you don't want it. It is better if it just doesn't play the file. So now doesn't show error messages about playback when minimized. When it is restored and you are working with it then it still shows the error messages about playback of the alarms.

Also right click menu showed Active with a check against it but you can only check it and not uncheck it again there - and no Not Active option there to check either - fixed by making it work like a check rather than a radio in the menu, so you can uncheck it..

Tuesday August 26

Added entries to the databases even for days when one didn't do any work on the project, if one worked on one of hte other projects on that day (times worked for the day shownl as 0) - fixed.

For backward compatibility with any databases made already with zero time day entries, days with all times 0 will be ignored in the All Projects combined databases.

When you start a new project, showed the database header in the csv file as "_null_" instead of :

Year,Year day,Month,Day,Hours,Mins,Secs,Total Secs,Day starts at

This bug got introduced when the option was added to make the databases in any language.

Never to mind though if you have some old databases like this. You don't need to correct them by hand. Activity timer will check for this bug and auto fix it. Just install a more recent version of Activity timer and next time you do some work on that project its header line will get fixed.

- fixed.

Friday August 8

If you start a new session when the old one finishes without first setting to not working then working, the icon keeps flashing for the end of the previous session - fixed.

Sunday August 3

Can't play last track in a CD - fixed.

Thursday July 31

Affects the database saves only. The version which was made year 2038 compliant yesterday didn't save the databases correctly any more - all times shown as 0 - fixed. The versions that let you teach Activity Timer to speak your language placed the header of the database all on one line with the next line - you will need to edit it to insert a return after the day starts at header.


Both fixed.

Wednesday July 30

If you choose tunes for both the eye protection and the end of the session, may not play the end of session one - fixed.

If the clock gets set forward during a work session then the time change gets counted as hours worked - fixed

Tuesday July 29

The selection of a random audio file in a folder wasn't working if the file was a track on a cd - played entire cd until you stopped play - fixed.


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