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Download Tune Smithy 3.0
updated Wednesday October 12th, 2011

Step 1 Before - Step 2 Download - Step 3 Install - Extras

Step 3 Install

The installer will run. After you accept the license agreement, you will see:

Most will want to keep to the typical settings here. Some users unselect the desktop shortcut.

The MFX plug in is for users of Sonar, and may also be suitable for Cakewalk and Cubase SX, so select that if you need it. You can also install it from within FTS (from In | Options | More Options).

The folder of extra shortcuts on your desktop gives you a way to launch various views in FTS as separate programs, such as the metronome, the Chord Player etc. You probably want that.

The file association for Tune Smithy files associates the program with fractal tunes made in FTS. So for instance, it will mean that FTS will be launched to play tune smithy fractal tunes in the help or any that you find on web pages or get sent by e-mail by other users.

Press Next .

Glance at the install directory to see if that is where you want to install it - the preset location of C:\Program Files\Lissajous 3D will be suitable for most users of XP and earlier.

Tune Smithy uses the same folder for configuration settings and for the program itself. As with some other programs of this type, Tune Smithy is configured to install into C:\Programs as the Preset install folder for Vista.

To change the location, use the browse button to navigate to wherever you want to install it. Suggestions might include c:\Programs (create the folder if it doesn't exist yet), or My Documents\Programs, or Drive C.

Click Install. Finally click Close, and the installation is complete. Fractal Tune Smithy will run straight away.

Once FTS is installed, you can delete the installer.

To run Tune Smithy, look for the red snowflake icon on your desktop. Or look in Start | Programs | Tune Smithy 3.0 | Tune Smithy .

The help is installed with the program. To find it after the program runs, click on the ? icon at top right of the window, or go to Help | Overview.

You may now want to review some of the extra downloads you can install to work with Tune Smithy - see the Intro on the extras page to see if you need any of them.

Otherwise, you are done. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions at all or suggestions or wishes for the future:


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Tunes you can play and create with Tune Smithy, and example retuned compositions

Review in Sound on Sound, October 04

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