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Musical e-cards
One of the many features that come as part of Fractal Tune Smithy

Send a musical e-card to a friend.

Fractal Tune Smithy is a Windows Program

Normally the card will show up in Outlook express as it uses the .eml format which most often remains associated with OE whatever you have as your e-mail program.

Other programs may not send this type of e-mail. However you can also make it as a web page if you set it up to do so in the web page and tune window.

This is the result:

E-card made with tune smithy as a web page with background music (opens in new window) (or popup)

You may then be able to send that as "stationery" or some such in other e-mail programs.

Anyway here is how it looks when received in Outlook Express:

If your recipient has OE then they will hear the music play as soon as they read your card - no need to click on the music attachment first - that is because it gets included as background sound for the card. They don't need to be on-line to hear it or look at the card - the picture and music are sent as an integral part of the e-mail itself. Also since it is a midi clip, the file size is small so well suited for use in e-mails.

Those who use other e-mail programs may need to click on the attachment to hear the music because most don't currently support background sound for e-mails. So your recipient may be rightly wary to do so in case of viruses. Best to tell them about it first and perhaps send a test card first too to check they can receive it okay and find out whether they can hear the music

Perhaps some recipients may be able to hear the midi clips but not hear it in the intended tuning - though this is fairly rare now - some computers may be set up to only play midi music in twelve equal. The less exotic fractal tunes may well sound reasonably in twelve equal if not quite exactly as intended. Another possibility is that some recipients may not have their computer set up to play the midi clips when the attachment is opened.

You don't need to just send FTS fractal tunes. You can use this feature to send any midi clip you have or indeed other music clips including mp3s for instance. You can also use any other pictures you have, e.g. photos, in place of the ones that come with the program. The ones included are mainly screen shots of flowers made with my Virtual Flower program. If you like them you may want to try it out to make more flowers like that yourself.

What to do next

Freeware / Shareware status: This feature is shareware. You can make up to six musical e-cards per session with the FREE version of FTS. If you want to make more, or send midi clips of more than one minute with your cards, then you need the MIDI SAVE unlock key.

To continue reading about Tune Smithy, go on to the Mouse & P.c. keyboard music

To find this feature after you download Tune Smithy:
Look in the Tune Smithy Tasks window for:Player

To download the program and take it for a Test drive (start the test drive at any time):

Download Tune Smithy


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To find this feature:
look in the
Tune Smithy Tasks window for:

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